Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Pandering Hits 11

Mitt Romney tells Fox & Friends he wishes he could claim to be Hispanic.

Host Steve Doocy highlighted the fact that Gov. Romney hasn’t exactly bragged about his Mexican roots before. “The other night when I saw you at one of the debates in Florida,” Doocy said, “you mentioned for the first time in my memory, where you were talking about that anti-immigrant allegation by Newt Gingrich. You were talking about how your father was born in Mexico. It’s the first time I’d heard you say that. Is that helping you with the Latino community in Florida?”

Romney replied “You know, I wish I could claim that I’m Hispanic…”

That’s a bit of a weird thing to say, but let’s hear him out. Does he admire the rich cultural heritage, the strong current of faith, the diverse culinary tradition? Romney continued “…and it would help me with the Latino community here in Florida and around the country, but my dad was born of American parents living in Mexico.”

Oh, right, he didn’t say he wished he was Hispanic, just that he wishes he could claim it.

Let’s see what he says when he gets to a state with a large Mexican population. I’ve heard him speak Spanish — ejole — and I can’t wait for him to greet the crowd with a rousing iAl rato, vato! That should be fun.

Oddly enough, the folks at Fox seem to find Mr. Romney’s father’s place of birth to be perfectly acceptable, whereas Barack Obama’s father being born in Kenya disqualifies him from public office. So where are the birthers claiming that Mitt Romney isn’t a citizen?