Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maryland Moves Towards Equality

A marriage equality bill passed a hurdle in the Maryland legislature yesterday.

A measure to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland advanced Tuesday to the full House of Delegates, where a pitched fight — with a still-uncertain outcome — is expected in coming days over one of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s leading priorities.

A pair of House panels jointly approved the bill 25 to 18, after Democratic delegates turned back an attempt to substitute civil unions for marriage and Republicans complained about the un­usual step of having two committees vote together.

Supporters, who hailed the measure as an advance in equal rights, said they were cautiously optimistic it would pass the full House — where a similar bill died last year after narrowly clearing the Senate.

It’s nowhere near a done deal, but following fast on the heels of Washington and New Jersey (even with the veto promise), it’s momentum. (Or, as we say at Shakesville, “homomentum!”)