Monday, February 13, 2012

Newt: Going For Broke

Trip Gabriel at the New York Times has a look at Newt Gingrich’s money woes.

Newt Gingrich recently joined Gov. Rick Perry of Texas on a conference call with more than 50 “bundlers” who had powered Mr. Perry’s formidable campaign-cash machine.

Mr. Perry asked his top financial rainmakers to raise money for Mr. Gingrich, telling the group, according to one participant, that he fully supported the former House speaker.

But it seems unlikely that Mr. Gingrich will reap a financial windfall from wealthy donors for his cash-starved campaign, Perry supporters and Republican leaders said, even as Mr. Gingrich begins three days of fund-raising in California on Monday.

The detour to a state that is rich in Republican donors but does not hold its primary until June comes during a third week in which Mr. Gingrich will make limited public appearances, and it comes ahead of the 10 contests on “Super Tuesday,” March 6, which looks increasingly like a make-or-break date for Mr. Gingrich’s struggling campaign.

He will be largely out of sight for part of this week, just as he was in the days before last week’s contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, which Rick Santorum won, and before the Feb. 4 caucuses in Nevada, which Mitt Romney won. Even as he sacrifices time in front of voters, his prospects of raising the cash he needs are uncertain.

That’s the thing when you’re relying on just a couple of big donors to carry you through; they can be there when you’re riding high, but when you hit a few bumps and some other flavor comes along, they will dump you and go for the fresh one.

You would think that Mr. Gingrich, what with his personal relationship history, would be all too aware of that little fact of life. No, really?