Friday, February 17, 2012

Once A Tiger

Via Andrew Sullivan, Mitt Romney talks baseball:

Beginning an interview with, a group of Michigan journalists, Romney was asked a simple question: “Tigers or Red Sox?”

“Oh, Red Sox, I’m afraid,” Romney answered. “I’ve lived in Massachusetts for how many years now? Forty years.”

Memo to Mitt: First, even if you are a Red Sox fan, you do not admit it in Michigan if you have any hope of winning over any baseball fans. Period. That is Campaign 101 simple. It doesn’t matter if you were the governor of Massachusetts.

Second, you were born in Michigan. You grew up there and went to school there. Your father was the governor there. He was the governor in 1968 when the Detroit Tigers, behind the 31-game-winning pitching of Denny McClain, won the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals in one of the most thrilling series ever. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. So even if you bleed Fenway green, YOU DON’T ADMIT IT IN DETROIT, YOU BIG DUMB PINK THING.