Monday, February 6, 2012

You’re Entitled

While surfing through channels to find something to watch yesterday afternoon, I came across a re-run of Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press getting his tail all puffed up about how the Obama administration is practicing “anti-religious bigotry” by forcing Catholic hospitals to provide contraceptive services. It’s an outrage and the worst thing in the world, apparently, that a hospital that takes public funding — i.e. tax dollars — should have to conform to rules set by the funding agency; in this case, the government.

It’s that way with every grant. If you agree to accept the funding, you follow their rules. You don’t want to follow the rules? Fine; just don’t expect to get funding from the government. Find it elsewhere. The government isn’t forcing you to take the money, and, like most states, they offer a conscience clause exemption.

(By the way, as David Atkins points out, how would Mr. Gingrich feel about “Muslim hospitals getting tax money while adhering solely to the practices of Sharia law”? Not too well, I’d think.)

It’s ironic that these straight white Christians seem to have a powerful sense of entitlement to everything, all the while carrying on about how minorities don’t deserve anything without paying for it or just not at all. (Rick Santorum doesn’t think same-sex couples “deserve” marriage because the magical sky faerie he worships didn’t mean it that way.)

The mantra of the modern conservative movement is “I got mine, screw you” … with or without contraception.