Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illinois Noise

Today is the Illinois primary, and if the polls are to be believed, Mitt Romney has this one pretty well sewn up.

That sense must have been creeping in to the mind of Rick Santorum — he’s gonna lose — so he doubled down on his social conservative meme to the point that he basically said that unemployment and the economy don’t matter as much as keeping an eye on people’s private lives and whether or not the womenfolk keep their ladybits pure so Baby Jesus doesn’t cry.

But he also seemed to get a mite testy when asked about all his harping on birth control and stuff, claiming that when reporters bring up things he’s said in the past about such things that they’re going for “gotcha” journalism. I’m not sure how asking about your own public statements is “gotcha.” It’s not like Joe Scarborough asked what newspapers he reads.

Mr. Santorum will probably do well in the more conservative parts of downstate Illinois, but that won’t be enough to counter the more moderate Republicans — assuming there still are any — in the suburbs around Chicago. We’ll know later on tonight, but I’m calling this one for Romney.