Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kasich to Ohio Tornado Victims: Too Bad Oh, Okay

Following up on this item from yesterday… Well, it’s about time.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich asked for federal help in tornado-stricken communities Monday, two days after he said he would not seek immediate aid.

A team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency is expected to arrive Tuesday in Clermont County to survey the storm damage and determine whether the region qualifies for financial or logistical assistance.

“Hopefully we can get a quick answer from the federal inspectors on what additional resources might be available to help people begin recovering,” Kasich said.

The decision to invite the inspectors came two days after Kasich said he would not seek immediate federal disaster relief because he was confident Ohio could handle the crisis.

Oh, so now he wants a “quick answer,” huh? Presumably not as quick as his knee-jerk decision not to accept the relief in the first place.