Friday, March 30, 2012

Show Me The Birthers

Missouri, the “Show-Me” state, is on the verge of passing a bill enshrines birtherism:

Missouri House Republicans today passed a so-called birther bill, which would require all presidential and vice presidential candidates to provide proof of citizenship to the state before they were allowed to appear on the ballot.

The genius that proposed this legislation, state Rep. Lyle Rowland, denies it has anything to do with birtherism.

Rowland, a Republican from Cedarcreek, said he sponsored the bill because he doesn’t think there is enough vetting in the current process, which primarily relies on political parties to verify whether candidates meet all requirements.

“This would just provide us with the verifying evidence,” Rowland said.

I have a counter-proposal: Let’s pass a law that requires candidates to show us that they’re not knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing polyester-clad douchebags before they’re allowed on the ballot.