Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Goes Up…

Now that we’re all getting used to gas near $4.00 a gallon — and higher in some places — and now that the Republicans have beat the snot out of the issue and laid it at the feet of the president, what’s going to happen in the fall — in the middle of the campaign — when gas prices do their usual thing and drop back to normal?

“We’ll see how short-lived people’s memories are,” said Oklahoma Rep. James Lankford, a Republican whose district is near the site in Cushing, Okla., that the president visited Thursday.

Lankford said he expected a drop in fuel prices this fall associated with the end of the summer driving season. But he also expressed concern that voters might grow accustomed to the higher gas prices, thereby allowing Obama to boast of the decline in prices before the election.

“I’m afraid we’re going to set the same thing with gas prices where if we’re down to $3.30 (a gallon), they’re saying, hey, that’s a good thing,” he said. “It does have the possibility of setting a new low and lulling people into that.”

The Republicans are also fond of reminding us that gas was $1.87 when President Obama was sworn in in January 2009. What they don’t remind you — as if you needed it — was that we were in the depths of the recession caused by the Republicans. Things don’t happen in a vacuum, and gas was cheap because not a lot of people were buying it.