Friday, April 6, 2012

Old School Ties

Here’s today’s entry in Mitt Romney’s projection convention:

Mitt Romney again bashed President Obama for his connections to Harvard on Thursday, despite holding multiple degrees from the university himself and relying heavily on Harvard advisers as part of his presidential campaign.

Speaking in Harrisburg, Pa., Romney told an audience that Obama may have spent “too much time at Harvard,” according to NBC. Obama, who has a law degree from Harvard, spent three years there. Romney, who earned both a Harvard law degree and business degree, spent four years at the university and was by all accounts a motivated student who was happy with the institution during his time there.

Despite frequently mocking Obama for taking advice from the “Harvard faculty lounge” and spending too much time at the university, Romney has shown little indication that he regrets his own experience.

Aside from the fact that it’s a bit gob-smacking to have one guy who spent more time in Cambridge than the other guy attacking him for spending “too much time” there, there’s a subliminal message as well: it’s okay for Mitt Romney, the son of a rich white businessman and governor, to spend all the time he wants at one of America’s great universities, but there’s something wrong with a black kid — probably on scholarship or student loans — to grace the halls of ivy or hang out at the Coop in Harvard Square.

Far be it from Mitt Romney to suggest outright that someone like Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to be at a place like Harvard unless he’s waiting tables at the faculty club, but you don’t need to be an Irish setter strapped to the roof of a station wagon to hear the dog whistle.