Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thin Skin

As predicted, the right-wingers are having the vapors over President Obama’s statement about the Supreme Court and the healthcare law. Greg Sargent chronicles the twitterpation:

To the fainting couch! Obama attacked the Supreme Court and threatened it with a backlash, should it strike down his tyrannical scheme to impose a government takeover of health care on the nation!

That’s what many conservative writers and even some centrist ones are arguing. They are saying that Obama’s words about the Court yesterday were “unsettling” and a “witch-hunt,” and they’re likening them to F.D.R.’s efforts to pack the Court in retaliation for decisions striking down New Deal initiatives.

Please. If what Obama said yesterday is an “attack,” it’s pretty timid stuff indeed.

Compared to the rants that the wingers go on every time a court rules against them over something like gay marriage or — gasp! — reproductive choice, what President Obama said was nothing.

If you really want to hear an “attack” on the court, go check out F.D.R.’s 1937 address, in which he accused the Court of wanting to banish the nation to a “No-Man’s Land of final futility.” Or check out his Fireside Chat about his court-packing scheme, in which he warned that it was time to “save the Constitution from the Court” and accused the courts of operating in “direct contradiction of the high purposes of the framers of the Constitution.”

If you need a more recent example of “vicious” attacks on the courts by a presidential candidate, Steve M. notes that Ronald Reagan makes Barack Obama look like a wuss.

I realize that all bullies are thin-skinned and masters of dishing out what they can’t take, and so does the president. I’ll bet that he made those statements just to get a rise out of them; sometimes we all need a little amusement.