Monday, April 23, 2012


After five days of being in Kansas, of reveling in theatre, and of basically turning off the news except to note the passing of Dick Clark and keeping up with the Tigers (because a couple of my friends at Inge are also following their favorite teams), I came back to find things pretty much as I left them, only more so. Sheesh.

– The New York Times public editor is wondering “Who is the real Barack Obama?” as if the birthers and the wingnuts still are asking the question because they can’t dog-whistle loud enough that the sheriff is a N-clang. Oh, I’m sure the New York Times isn’t really asking about the birth certificate… how could you even think such a thing? This time they’re saying it’s time to really probe into the president’s history now that all the liberal media like the blogosphere has had four years to cover up for him. Oh, crap.

– The veepstakes noise machine is spooling up, this time spitting out trial balloons on Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH).

In an informal survey of more than half of the Republican State Chairmen and national committee people at this weekend’s State Chairman meeting at a resort here, two-thirds said they believe Portman is the most-likely and best-qualified running-mate for Mitt Romney. The committee members spoke to BuzzFeed only on the condition of anonymity.

“He’s from Ohio, and we need to win Ohio, it’s that simple,” said one state chair.

Yes, I’d say he’s the perfect choice for rounding out the ticket: a middle-aged white guy from Ohio to counter the middle-aged white guy from Michigan Utah California Massachusetts. Oh, and he was the Budget Director under George W. Bush; remember how well they did with the economy? Well, yip-yah, cowboy, here we go again.

The upside is that he’s not Sarah Palin. Such a high bar.

– Speaking of Sarah Palin… just for a moment… she seems to think that somehow President Obama is to blame for the Secret Service sex scandal. She doesn’t elaborate how she came to that brain-fart, but given that she has the judgment and fairness of an eighth-grader, it was only a matter of time before she would hack up that particular hairball. No person of any stature or intelligence would lend credence to the idea that somehow the president is accountable for the actions of his security detail, right? Oh, wait…

Independent Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman on Sunday insisted that President Barack Obama and the White House should be held accountable for a sex scandal within the Secret Service and for lavish spending at the General Services Administration (GSA).

Well, I did say no person of any stature or intelligence.

– I briefly noted the passing of former Watergate conspirator Chuck Colson, who, after spending time in the joint for his crimes, became an evangelical Christian and ministered to people in prison. How nice. But he also spent a lot of time demonizing the LGBTQ community, including advocating revolution against the government if gays were granted any more civil rights. Far be it from me to question someone else’s faith, and far be it from me to say something horrible about a person on the occasion of his passing, so I won’t do either. But I do hope that if there is his vision of Heaven or some kind of afterlife, he’s greeted by Matthew Shepard.

– I missed noting that yesterday was Earth Day. I was too busy traveling through Oklahoma, where they seem to have issues that are far more important than keeping the planet livable. By the way, Oklahoma — or at least the part I travel through on the way from Tulsa to Independence — is beautiful, and gas in Bartlesville is selling for $3.34 a gallon. But the folks that write the laws there have been sniffing something other than the waving wheat that sure smells sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.

For your edification, Fallenmonk had a nice poem to honor the day.

Okay, now I’m ready to go back to the office.