Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brought To You By…

Those fair and balanced folks are at it again:

Fox News produced its own 4 minute attack video disguised as a retrospective of President Obama’s first term in office and aired it as a “Fox & Friends Presents” special. The ad opens with images of cheering voters during the 2008 election, before devolving into a wildly misleading juxtaposition of then-candidate Barack Obama promising change with rising unemployment rates and national debt.

At the conclusion of the video, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy thanked one of the show’s producers for editing together the segment “for weeks.” But it only took hours for network brass to perhaps recognize the implications of Fox News producing and airing its own attack ads, because they quickly pulled from the Fox News website with no explanation. Even conservative sites balked at the idea of Fox News producing its own political attack ads.

I’m not sure why they went to all the trouble to make this; after all, Fox News is pretty much 24/7 GOP TV anyway.

After the brass yanked it from the Fox News website, they reposted it at the Fox Nation blog, probably because they get more hits over there.