Monday, May 21, 2012

Faith and Practice, Romney Style

I really don’t care whether or not Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and I really don’t think it matters what he believes in as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the rights of others. He can worship a ’57 Chevy for all I care. So this profile of the candidate in terms of his membership and work within the church is nothing earthshaking.

But if his faith is all that important to him, and one of the tenets of his personal faith is to always tell the truth…

Mr. Romney is quick to uphold rules great and small. During primary debates, when his rivals spoke out of turn or exceeded their allotted time, he would sometimes lecture them. When supporters ask Mr. Romney to sign dollar bills or American flags, he refuses and often gives them a little lesson about why doing so is against the law.

Doing things by the book has been a hallmark of his career in public life. When Mr. Romney took over the Salt Lake City Olympics, which were dogged by ethical problems, he cast himself as a heroic reformer. As governor of Massachusetts, he depicted himself as a voice of integrity amid what he called the back-scratchers and ethically dubious lifers of state government.

In church, Mr. Romney frequently spoke about obeying authority, the danger of rationalizing misbehavior and God’s fixed standards. “Most people, if they don’t want to do what God wants them to do, they move what God wants them to do about four feet over,” he once told his congregation, holding out his arms to indicate the distance, Mr. Christensen remembered.

…then perhaps he has some explaining to do as to why he’s been going to great lengths on the campaign trail to lie about both his record and that of his opponents.

Just sayin’…