Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun While It Lasted

I think that you can pretty much conclude that Marco Rubio’s chances of being Mitt Romney’s running mate are now next to nada.

Rubio’s 2010 Senate campaign was fined $8,000 by the Federal Elections Commission, according to a just-released report that said it received “prohibited, excessive and other impermissible contributions totaling $210,173.09.”

Eight grand is nothing in the world of politics, but still, why would the Republicans pick someone with that kind of Googleable background? And it’s not the first time that Mr. Rubio has had money issues.

If the Republicans weren’t aware of the fact that they have a problem attracting Latino voters — their Draconian stance on immigration being the main reason — and if Marco Rubio’s name was Mark Smith, he’d be no different than any other young and handsome politician: he’s nice to look at but certainly not worth considering for being next in line for the presidency.

By the way, the one way not to be picked as the veep is to actually ask for the job. That message did not get through to Chris Christie.