Monday, May 7, 2012

Gas Price Survey

I filled up the Mustang yesterday on the way to meeting and was relatively pleasantly surprised to see that the price of a gallon of regular had dropped to $3.71 at my usual station in Palmetto Bay. That’s almost 30 cents cheaper than it was a month ago.

It’s also dropping at the stations out on U.S. 1 where it usually costs more because of the traffic bound for the Keys, although the last time I checked, prices at stations in Key Largo were below those on the mainland. Go figure. And I guess all the twitterpation about how skyrocketing gas prices will doom the re-election of Barack Obama is moot until Fox News can come up with a way to say that falling gas prices are bad for the Democrats. Trust me, they’ll find a way.

So, what’s gas going for in your neck of the woods?