Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gay Romney Aide Outted

“Outted” as in forced to quit working for the Romney campaign because he was openly gay, that is.

Richard Grenell, the openly gay spokesman recently hired to sharpen the foreign policy message of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, has resigned in the wake of a full-court press by anti-gay conservatives.

And Brave Sir Robin ran away:

With the departure of his openly gay foreign policy spokesman, Mitt Romney has suddenly found himself fending off charges that his campaign is anti-gay — an unexpected and precarious position for the Republican, and a moment that seems to mark a turning point in the politics of gay rights.

The central question: Can the Romney campaign be blamed for keeping silent in the face of anti-gay attacks on the aide?


The Romney campaign stayed largely mum throughout the conservative uproar, and when Grenell resigned, gay rights groups pounced, accusing the campaign of bowing to pressure from the right wing.

Not that he had any cred with the gay community to begin with, but this doesn’t do Mr. Romney any favors with anybody. The anti-gay crowd hates him for hiring Mr. Grenell in the first place, and everyone else now sees that Mr. Romney is no profile in courage by not standing up for him.