Thursday, June 21, 2012


Via the Washington Post:

A congressional committee voted Wednesday to recommend that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. be held in contempt after the Obama administration, citing executive privilege for the first time, refused to turn over documents pertaining to a botched gun-trafficking operation.

The party-line vote at a marathon session of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee intensified a feud between the Obama administration and Republican lawmakers and dealt an embarrassing blow to the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official.

I’d say we have a major outbreak of IOKIYAR. And since the whole mess got started in 2006, why hasn’t the House Committee called any members of the Bush administration to testify? Just curious.

The real reason the Republicans are pissed at President Obama invoking executive privileges is because he and Mr. Holder are uppity, and besides, behind it all is a massive conspiracy by the Obama administration to take away your guns. Don’t say your crazy uncle who watches Fox News all day wasn’t on to something.