Friday, June 29, 2012


Speaking of tantrums:

The House of Representatives voted Thursday to make Eric H. Holder Jr. the first sitting attorney general held in contempt of Congress in U.S. history after he withheld documents that Republican lawmakers demanded as part of an investigation into a flawed gunrunning operation.

The vote — 255 to 67, with 108 Democrats abstaining — capped weeks of partisan sniping over Holder’s decision not to turn over a set of documents that lawmakers had sought as part of their 18-month-long probe into “Fast and Furious,” as the case was known.

Too bad the Supreme Court and their ruling on the healthcare law stepped all over Darrell Issa’s lines, but with the way the public feels about Congress — their popularity is currently somewhere between festering boils and anthrax on a stick — maybe it’s to their advantage they got run off the front page.

Bonus irony quote from Speaker John Boehner:

“I don’t take this matter lightly and, frankly, hoped it would never come to this,” he said from the House floor before the vote. “The House is focused on jobs and the economy. But no Justice Department is above the law, and no Justice Department is above the Constitution, which each of us has sworn an oath to uphold.”

When he talks about not taking “this matter lightly,” he means the hand job he’s giving to the NRA. When he says “jobs and the economy,” he means abortions and freaking out about same-sex marriage. And when he talks about “no Justice Department is above the Constitution,” somewhere, Alberto Gonzales is laughing his ass off.