Wednesday, June 13, 2012

El Gran Cañón

How’s that Hispanic outreach going, Mitt?

A new Latino Decisions national poll released June 8, 2012 finds Democrat President Barack Obama with a 43-point margin over Republican Mitt Romney among Latino voters heading in the 2012 Presidential election. Overall, 66% of Latino registered voters were certain or leaning towards Obama, while 23% were certain or leaning towards Romney. Since Latino Decisions began asking about an Obama-Romney match-up in November 2011, Romney has been unable to close the sizable gap.

Wow, a 43 percent gap. As they say in Albuquerque, “iEjole!

It doesn’t help that the major talking points of the GOP over the last year have been on issues that directly effect Latin voters: harsh new immigration laws, voter suppression, and cutbacks in ethnic education (Arizona comes to mind). So it should be interesting to see how the Republicans try to get them to vote for them: “All those times we were bashing illegal immigrants and purging voter roles, we weren’t going after you. We meant all those other illegals from… uh… Canada. Yeah, that’s it. And the Danish.”