Thursday, June 21, 2012

It’s Just One Poll

I’m not a polling expert so I don’t really know if this one from Bloomberg is an outlier or a sign of things to come, but I’ll take good news when I can get it.

Barack Obama has opened a significant lead over Mitt Romney in a Bloomberg National Poll that reflects the presumed Republican nominee’s weaknesses more than the president’s strengths.

Obama leads Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, even as the public gives him low marks on handling the economy and the deficit, and six in 10 say the nation is headed down the wrong track, according to the poll conducted June 15-18.

A 13-point lead when other polls are showing one or two points difference sounds like it’s an anomaly rather than a trend, but like I said, I’m not an expert.

But, as Steve M notes, if this is a sign of how Barack Obama is doing after a “horrible” couple of weeks, imagine what he’ll do when he hits his stride?

I still think it will be a close election; probably more along the lines of 2004 where it looked like Kerry was going to win up to the night of the election. I still think that the money machine that is the GOP and their sugar daddies will overwhelm everything with lies, bullshit, and race-baiting. But it still will be hard for them to overcome the impression that a lot of people have that Mitt Romney is a cardboard cut-out who hasn’t had an original idea in his head since the time he tied his dog to the roof of his station wagon. And the dog shit all over the car.