Friday, June 22, 2012

Romney Lies To Latinos

Mitt Romney went before a convention of Latino elected officials at their convention in Orlando. It’s been about a week since President Obama announced the suspension of deportations for certain undocumented immigrant children and young adults, and the Republicans still haven’t come up with a coherent response other than the typical harrumphing that they always do when they get caught flat-footed.

Mr. Romney did his best to try to come across as the man with the moderate approach, apparently forgetting that he was the advocate for self-deportation and the promise to veto the DREAM Act. Gee, what a shock. But the most blatant lie was that he said that President Obama had “done nothing” about immigration reform.

Not only did the president push for the DREAM Act, the House passed it in December 2010 and sent it on to the Senate. The Republicans then unanimously blocked it so that even with a majority of votes in favor of the bill, it still lost. So for Mr. Romney to say that the president and the Democrats did nothing is 100% pure bullshit. So what else is new?