Friday, June 8, 2012

Woulda Coulda

Jeb Bush says he probably missed his shot at the presidency by not running this time around.

“This was probably my time,” Bush said in an interview airing on CBS News’ “This Morning.”

Maybe, but he would not have made it out of Iowa given that he’s not a flaming anti-Obamabot like the rest of the field:

Jeb Bush says he doesn’t “have to play the game of being 100,000 percent against President Obama,” although the former Florida governor has “a long list of things” that he thinks Obama has done wrong.


Rose asked if Bush worried about the direction of the Republican Party, and the governor cited immigration issues.

“I worry that it’s shortsighted because tonally, in terms of the tone of the debate, it sends a signal ‘we want your support but you really can’t join our team.’ … That’s the short-term implications of this.”

And he is not 100,000% against raising taxes.

Bush caused a minor stir recently when he said before a congressional panel that he would support raising 1 dollar of revenues in exchange for 10 dollars of spending cuts. All of the Republican presidential candidates rejected such a pledge in an August debate on Fox News. He also criticized Grover Norquist’s anti-tax absolutism, saying, “I don’t believe you outsource your principles and convictions to people.”

The GOP actually had a candidate like that. His name was Jon Huntsman. See how that turned out. (It was probably the Mormon thing that did him in, right?)

Steve M wonders why the media isn’t all over Jeb for being off-message for the GOP the same way they went nuts over Bill Clinton’s comments that weren’t scripted by the Obama campaign. That’s a good question, but then again, Jeb Bush isn’t out on the campaign trail like the former president, and I doubt you’ll see him and Mitt Romney sharing the stump any time soon. He ruled out being Mitt Romney’s running mate, too, but with views like these, there’s no way he could be on the ticket this year; he’s practically a socialist.