Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Target

Steve M brings up a very good point about Mitt Romney’s comparison between Israel and Palestine.

Romney knows that, in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, Americans’ sympathies are overwhelmingly with Israel. This is a freebie. You want to talk about the last acceptable prejudice? This is a serious contender.

His policies notwithstanding, George W. Bush personally shied away from overt racism toward blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Romney, by contrast, will eagerly exploit bigotry when he thinks he can get away with it. In this case, he knows he can not only get away with it but benefit from it, because so many Americans will cheer the dog whistle and so few will be outraged. He showed in prep school that he won’t refrain from hate if hatred has no negative consequences.

The prep school reference is to the incident in 1965 where he pinned down a boy he perceived to be gay and cut off his hair.

It’s further proof that the man is a sniveling coward and a bully who will never pass up an opportunity to beat up on the weak and the downtrodden. But then, that’s the GOP platform.