Monday, July 23, 2012

Makeshift Memorial

I doubt that the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, will do anything for the case of gun control. Oh, there will be a lot of debates on TV and editorials in papers, and senators and congresspeople will spin a lot of wheels and move a lot of air, but in the end, nothing will get done. And the discussion is not elevated by the geniuses who claim that it wouldn’t have happened if everyone in the theatre was armed. The assailant was wearing full body armor and carrying a SWAT weapon. A dude in jeans and a t-shirt firing back with a .22 would be one more dead body.

The NRA is too entwined in the structure to let there be an honest discussion or reasonable cases made, and our elected officials are justifiably afraid that anything they say that could remotely be considered in favor of a well-regulated approach to assault rifles and 100-round drums on AR-15’s will bring on the folks in the Elmer Fudd hats with the I AM THE NRA bumper stickers and vote them out of office. Besides, there is still Obamacare to repeal and vaginas to probe.

This discussion comes with every massacre, just like the makeshift memorials of hand-painted signs, flowers, candles, and teddy bears left at the scene. And they last about as long. What I really hate is realizing how horrible it will have to be for us to actually do something.