Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of Context

Dan Amira at New York magazine looked at the video again and again and says that Ann Romney didn’t mean “you people” when she said “you people” yesterday.

Sounds more like “We’ve given all [stumble] people need to know,” if you ask us. The letter y definitely makes an appearance in there, but the word you does not. Maybe Romney was going to say, “We’ve given all you need to know,” and decided at the last moment to replace “you” with “people.” Maybe she was going to say, “We’ve given all Yosemite National Park visitors a free Romney bumper sticker.” Admittedly, that would be a completely nonsensical thing to say at that moment.

I’ve seen the tape, and I heard “you people.” But the way the sentence is structured, it sounds as if Ms. Romney is conflating “you” and “people” as if she meant to use two different direct objects and said them both. If so, it’s an honest flub; kind of like a typo.

But it’s hard to hear what she’s saying over the noise of the Romney campaign taking the words of President Obama completely out of context and mashing them into an ad that makes it sound like he’s out to demonize small business.

We’ll try to be more careful next time.