Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inclusion Not Included

Kris Kobach, the Kansas attorney general behind other states’ immigration laws and a Romney adviser, testified at a GOP platform hearing against an amendment to withdraw support for the Defense of Marriage Act and compared being gay to polygamy and drug use.

Our government routinely judges situations where you might regard people completely affecting themselves like for example the use of controlled substances, like polygamy that is voluntarily entered in to. We condemn those activities even though they are not hurting other people at least directly. So this is worded way too broadly for inclusion in the platform.

For the record, the supporters of the amendment were proposing it because “under the constitution, every American gets treated equally under the law.” Can’t have that, can we?

By the way, Mitt Romney’s great-grandfather was an enthusiastic polygamist. In fact, that’s why the family moved to Mexico and where Mitt’s father, George Romney, was born. Oh, but we can’t talk about that.