Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nothing To See Here

Ann Romney told NBC that she and her husband won’t be releasing any more tax returns any time soon, if ever:

We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us. But the more we release, the more we get attacked, the more we get questioned, the more we get pushed. And so we have done what’s legally required and there’s going to be no more, there’s going to be no more tax releases given. And there’s a reason for that, and that’s because of how, what happens as soon as we release anything.”

I realize it’s like flogging a dead horse — even one from the Olympics — to keep up this question about the tax returns, but it really does encapsulate the entire mindset of the Romneys: how dare you people question the motives and the doings of your superiors. We don’t have to answer to you.

The other element of this is the complete lack of self-awareness on the part of Ms. Romney: the other side might distort our record. Oh, really? Gee, that would be a terrible thing to do in a presidential campaign. It would be a horrible assault on her sensibilities.