Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Only In Canada

There was a full-page ad in this morning’s Toronto Star for Coors Light blended with iced tea. Seriously.

“Coors Light Iced T delivers a lightly bodied, refreshing beer,” says Steve Stradiotto, Brewmaster at Coors Light. “Our approach was to compliment the sweet maltiness of Coors Light with lemon and tea ingredients, giving it a light and lively finish. The result was a refreshing combination of flavours that you have to experience for yourself.”

Coors Light Iced T is brewed in the same way as Coors Light with premium two row malted barley, Coors’ very own lager yeast and choice hops. The iced tea flavour comes from a blend of tea botanicals and natural lemon which are added during the filtration process.


Coors Light Iced T has been created for Canadians. It is brewed and sold in Canada exclusively at this time.

What a remarkably horrible thing to do to perfectly good tea.