Friday, August 31, 2012

Over In Tampa, Day 3

So, how was the speech?

I’m sure the crowd and the Romney followers loved it. The excerpts that were released before the actual event sounded nicely generic; change the names and it could have been given at any political convention in the last twenty years. From what I’m reading from trusted observers from all sides, it was somewhat disjointed without a really clear through line except “vote for me and not the other guy,” which is basically the idea of a generic nomination acceptance speech anyway.

(I’ve been running it in the background as I write this. It reminds me very much of the speech the last former governor of Massachusetts who ran for president gave when he accepted his party’s nomination in 1988. That’s not a good place to start. And I voted for Michael Dukakis.)

I will say this in Mr. Romney’s favor: he didn’t make a complete hash of it, and that’s really the first test. But I just watched the Clint Eastwood performance art piece, and I have a feeling more people are going to be talking about that then what Mitt Romney said. And I would say you have a real problem when you can be upstaged by an empty chair.