Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scattering the Pigeons

Through one of his hobbies — drag racing — my brother participates in an on-line forum where he runs into a lot of people who have different political opinions than him. He’s normally tolerant of other peoples’ points of view, but the one thing he’s got a low threshold for is blind loyalty to a cause. He also does not suffer fools gladly. He posted the following “throat-clearing” rant on one of his forums recently.

Lotta Fox News Kool-Aid drinkers here on the ol’ bullet. You guys do realize that the “conservative” movement is just a bunch of rich guys whose only concern in life is making and keeping their money, and who don’t give a flying fuck whether you live or die — except that they need you to drink the Kool-Aid and pull the “R” lever.

They spread all this “job creator” and “reinvestment” bullshit on you clowns and you swallow it hook, line, and sinker while they are in the back room skewing the tax code away from them and toward you. They send their dressage horses to London to compete in the Olympics while you’re here suffering working a hard days work, while they shuttle their money to tax havens in the Bahamas, visiting it often, and paying 1/2 the tax rate you do.

But they spew their lies and propaganda all over Fox News, giving you an enema and telling you it’s a “Fair and Balanced” blow job, but you phucks are too stupid to realize it. Not a one of the “job creators” will take any tax break they get and invest more in creating jobs, these a-holes will build another house in the Hamptons. The mantra that “government is always wrong” isn’t pushed because it’s true, it’s pushed because those a-holes want less people watching how hard they fuck you. They want less regulation not to free up their business, but so they can do whatever the fuck they want, without you knowing about it. You think those bankers who nearly wiped out the economy — twice in the last four years — give a fuck about you?

I’ll never understand why a bunch of hard working, regular guys spend their life pushing so hard just so that these fat cats can take more and more of your money, all the while blaming it on the government. But you guys always do it. Wonder if you’ll ever wake up and realize the a-holes you spent the last 30 years with just wanted you for your vote.

Yes, we need to be careful about how we spend money, but for every welfare cheat there’s 10 rich guys squeezing 100x that much off the government in specialized tax breaks and off-shore accounts. The fact that you guys are happy with Mitt and his kind paying vastly less in taxes than you is just fucking beyond me.

Forget all the “values” issues, we’ll never agree on those. I’m OK with that, and that’s stuff we can agree to disagree on. But the fact that you regular guys will stick up for the rich guys making your life miserable and thinking it’s a snow cone in a heat wave is one of the most amazing propaganda miracles in the history of mankind. Kudos to Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes and all the bubble headed blondes they hire. They’ve done a marvelous job.

Sometimes it does a body good to get that out of your system.

PS: The first response he got was “You are a moron,” to which he replied, “you pay twice the tax rate as Mitt Romney, are happy with it, and I’m the moron?” The party continues.