Thursday, August 2, 2012

Send Me A Kiss By Wire

Rep. Stephen King (R-IA) has always been entertaining with his way-out-there wingnuttery, but this bit of birther conspiracy is worthy of The Onion.

During a tele-townhall meeting late last week, King was asked about his views on whether President Obama is a natural-born American citizen. The Iowa Congressman noted that his staff had investigated the matter and found birth announcements in the two Hawaii newspapers the week after Obama’s birth. However, King went on to float the absurd notion that his parents “might’ve announced that by telegram from Kenya.”

Right. That makes perfect sense. If you’re going to sneak a baby into the country in 1961 so that 47 years later he could be the stealth candidate and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! … this is how you’d do it.

I know this is a logical question, so it has no place in a post about a birther, but if Barack Obama’s parents wanted to sneak him into the country by sending a telegram to newspapers with fake birth announcements, why didn’t they send them to papers in Topeka, Kansas, where his mother was from, or to Toledo, for that matter? Why go with papers in a state that is 5,000 miles from the mainland and had only been a state for three years?