Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac – Update

Isaac has already made landfall on Haiti and is heading towards Cuba. Forecasts make it a (hurricane) by the time it crosses the Florida Straits and gets to Key West. The track seems to have shifted back a bit to the east, bringing Miami back into the cone. We’ve already had a lot of rain from the outer bands, and the Weather Channel is crawling with tropical storm warnings.

Update 1: Here’s the 11 AM EDT tracking forecast. Still the same path as this morning, but projected to become a Cat 2 before making landfall near Pensacola (hang in there, Bryan).

Publix was a tad crowded this morning with people pushing shopping carts brimming with stuff like bottled water and canned food; basically stuff you wouldn’t eat unless you absolutely had to. Everybody seemed to take it in stride, and the folks filling up gas cans for generators at the Marathon station said that if the storm missed, then they were ready for their next outing on the boat.

I’m all stocked up: peanut butter, birdseed bars, canned chili, fresh fruit that will keep, and a couple of good books to read when/if the power goes out. We’re waiting to hear if they close schools in Miami-Dade County on Monday.

Update 2: Miami-Dade County Public Schools will be closed Monday. So will Broward County Public Schools. Monroe County — The Keys — announced on Friday that they would be closed.

Update 3: The 8 PM EDT tracking forecast shows Isaac becoming a Category 2 by Tuesday.