Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac — Updated

Isaac moved west after dumping rain on the Keys and knocking out some power in South Florida counties. It did leave a deadly wake in Haiti, and it is expected to finally become a hurricane when it gets into the Gulf and moves towards Louisiana and Mississippi.

We are still getting bands of wind and rain here in Miami-Dade County, although they are expected to diminish during the day. A lot of places, like schools, universities, and courthouses are closed as a precaution.

Update 1: At 11:00 AM EDT, Isaac was drawing a bead on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, where almost exactly seven years ago, Katrina hit. This storm is likely to be “only” a Category 1, and this time, they say they are ready for it.

Update 2: Isaac will probably become a hurricane tomorrow morning and a Category 2 by the time it makes landfall on the Louisiana coast. President Obama has already declared a state of emergency for the state.