Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Greetings

Sharing a birthday today, September 16:

King Henry V of England (1386-1422)

Lauren Bacall: goddess of the silver screen.

B.B. King: bluesman extraordinare

Ed Begley, Jr.: actor and green activist.

David Copperfield: the amazing illusionist.

Mikey Rourke: actor.

Amy Poehler: star of Parks and Recreation.

Bobby Cramer: fictional character.


We had a great time at our little party last night, and even the pouring rain later in the evening didn’t dampen the spirits. Thanks for all the good wishes and the friendship.

Birthdays that end in zero are a little different; it’s the end — or the beginning — of a decade, and I can remember what I was doing on each of my birthdays that end with an 0: Fifty was spending the weekend in New York with my parents seeing “The Producers”; Forty was fly-fishing on the Au Sable River in Michigan with my dad (I caught a tree and my hat); Thirty was the first week of classes at CU-Boulder where I was starting my doctoral degree; Twenty was the beginning of my senior year at the University of Miami; Ten was beginning Grade 5 with Mrs. Cahill at Maumee Valley, and she was the first teacher I had that told me I had talent as a writer.

So what will I do for 70? I’ll start planning that now.

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