Friday, September 14, 2012

Culture of Victimhood

Greg Sargent is astonished:

There is an astonishing amount of complaining among conservatives about how unfair the media was to Mitt Romney yesterday in reporting on — and calling out — his criticism of Obama over the Embassy attacks. The gist of the complaining is that the U.S. Embassy statement was, in fact, an apology in the face of aggression, and that news outlets are stifling legitimate criticism of Obama on foreign policy.

But oddly enough, the critiques tend to avoid directly addressing, or defending, the main thing about Romney’s comments that news outlets and commentators found newsworthy or objectionable.

So it’s the liberal media’s fault that Mitt Romney and his campaign are contemptible jerks for exploiting a tragedy?

To quote the immortal Sir Alexander Dane, “It’s always about you, isn’t it?”