Monday, September 24, 2012

Horner Honked

Florida Republican State Rep. Mike Horner has abruptly resigned over his name being on the client list of a house of ill repute.  (Karma loves ironic names.)

State Rep. Mike Horner has not been charged with any crime, but law enforcement sources told the Orlando Sentinel that his name was included on a client list in a case against Mark Risner, an Orange County man who is accused of running a brothel out of his home.

Riser is facing 13 charges, including felony charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

“I deeply regret decisions I made that are causing my family unjustifiable pain and embarrassment,” Horner explained in a statement on Monday. “While current press accounts from this morning are erroneous, my family still deserves better from me, as do all my friends, supporters and constituents. So today I am announcing I will no longer seek reelection to the Florida House.”

His website — (I am NOT making that up) — is “down for maintenance.”  According to the official Florida House of Representatives website, he’s your average white bread conservative Republican… who happens to like to buy a little nookie on the side.

I am sure his defenders will say that he was only helping Mr. Riser (again, the perfect name for a guy running a brothel) in his role as a job creator.  Another small business crushed under the thumb of big government.

3 barks and woofs on “Horner Honked

  1. I think he should do whatever he likes, but don’t preach morality to the rest of us. Florida is probably better off without Mr. Horner. It is a sweet name for him.

  2. I saw a video clip of him. He oozed slime and sleaze. Whenever there’s news about someone going off the rails, my first response is to check if they’re Republican. And they usually are.

  3. There must be something more to it than that. Just heading over to the local house of ill repute is nothing to the R’s these days. He must have some skeletons that he’s rather not see come out and dance.

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