Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip

The Romney campaign is to foreign policy what Mr. Romney’s station wagon was to pet carriers:

Romney foreign policy advisor Robert O’Brien called the Obama campaign’s tactic a transparent ploy to distract from the sagging economy, including a recent jobs report that was “a disaster for them.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that they’re raising foreign policy because it’s another distraction from the Administration’s terrible economic record,” O’Brien told BuzzFeed. “They’re going from one shiny object to the next.”

Oh, look; a war in Afghanistan with thousands of troops deployed over there. Ooh, pretty.

Other people are starting to take notice of his lack of credentials abroad, and it goes beyond tripping over himself in Britain.

The reputation of the US in Europe risks sinking back to Bush-era levels of unpopularity if Mitt Romney becomes president, according to new international polling published on Tuesday.

Only around one in 20 of those surveyed in Britain, France and Germany by YouGov held a positive view of the Republican presidential nominee.

The poll of more than 12,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and China was prepared for the YouGov-Cambridge forum this week at which the Guardian is a media partner.

The results are a sign that affection for Barack Obama has diminished little since his 2008 speech in Berlin in which he promised to restore America’s reputation on the world stage, even though, four years on, Guantánamo remains open and the US is still engaged in military action in Afghanistan.

The core of Mr. Romney’s foreign policy seems to be wrapped up in his promise to “take liberty to the world,” the same way he took his dog on vacation. And the rest of the world wants to hide under the couch.