Friday, September 7, 2012

Up In Charlotte, Day 3

The big finish.

I just watched the repeat of President Obama’s acceptance speech, and it was pretty good. It was not a soaring oration, but I didn’t expect that. He delivered more of a State of the Union address, with a long list of what he wanted to finish, and a stark reminder of what the GOP offers. And the Democrats, at long last, are going to be a lot more aggressive in making their case.

Just a couple of final thoughts: 1) Was this a VFW convention? I haven’t heard that many tributes to the military and the troops at a Democratic convention before. 2) It sure looked like the Democrats were having fun. Maybe it was just a brave front, but compared to the snarls that came from Tampa, the person-on-the-street interviews sounded more hopeful and optimistic. 3) I’m guessing that polls will show that Mr. Obama isn’t going to get a big bounce out of this convention, but I still think he’s better off than he was two weeks ago, and he will probably maintain his narrow lead. 4) If you don’t like political commercials, get a TiVo or a Netflix account. You’re not going to be able to get through the next sixty days without seeing them at every turn.