Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Thread

Michael and Richard over at The Reaction will be live-blogging the presidential debate, so stop by over there for up-to-the-minute analysis, commentary, and snark.

I won’t be doing the live-blog thing, but I’ll post some comments here as it goes along.  Your comments are, as always, welcome.

One prediction: when it’s over, the Republicans will say Mitt Romney kicked that Ni-CLANG!‘s ass, and the Democrats will say that Mr. Romney looked almost human.

I have a feeling we’re not going to see an exchange like this tonight.


See you back here around 9:00 p.m. EDT.

9:03 – What Barack said to Mitt when they met: “Your shoe’s untied.”

9:06 – Obama on job creation: stump speech.

9:07 – Romney on job creation: stump speech.  Trying for the personal approach with the people asking “Please help me!” sounded like it was forced on him.

Okay, I’m going to watch this for a while.  I’ll be back.

9:12 – Since when did Mitt Romney ever give a rat’s ass about the middle class?  Since the 47% tape got out, I’ll bet.

Mitt likes coal?  Great, if you’re in favor of cooking the planet to medium-well.

9:21 – I’m sure about half the country got lost in the discussion about taxes and switched over to see what’s on Animal Planet.

9:27 – Romney’s got a lot of nerve to talk about cutting programs if it means borrowing money from China.  (Tea Party anyone?)  That’s Romney’s money in China.

9:33 – Romney looks relaxed because he’s not saying anything new.  Obama seems amused by this.

9:36 – President Obama is finally loosening up.

9:38 – Romney likes green energy?  Does coal know about this?

9:45 – Romney has rattled off so many demonstrably false talking points that I’m amazed he can keep them all straight.

9:51 – Oh, so Romney’s suddenly in favor of Wall Street regulation?  And now he’s anti-big bank?

9:55 – Romney really has the sanctimonious prick act down pat.

10:08 – A lot of other live-bloggers are wondering when Obama is going to call him out on all of his lies.  Yeah, me too.

10:11 – Oh, Romney you did NOT just invoke Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan.  Jesus H. Christ.

10:16 – Romney shout-out to Jesus!  What about the rest of the folks who believe in other faerie tales or none at all?

10:22 – If the comment about the house and airplane and Solyndra was a “zinger,” it wasn’t.

10:26 – If Obama seemed flustered and unable to respond to Romney, it’s because Romney kept shifting his stand on everything from taxes to healthcare to education and anything else.  It’s like trying to nail smoke to a wall.

I’ll have a wrap-up in the morning.  Let the spinning begin.

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