Friday, October 26, 2012

Embraceable Eww

God’s spokesman and Indiana senate candidate Richard Mourdock isn’t backing away from his statement that a child conceived in rape was is all part of God’s plan.  He can’t do that without renouncing his own religious views, and besides, Republicans never apologize for anything.  In fact, everybody else should apologize to them for demanding that they apologize.  So the Republican Party — and Mitt Romney — are not going to throw him under the bus… unlike they did with Todd Akin in Missouri.

However, some of the folks in other Senate races — especially in the close ones — are distancing themselves from Mr. Mourdock, including Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  To their credit, they know a landmine when they see it.

Not so with the peppy youngster running against Sherrod Brown in Ohio.  Josh Mandel embraced Mr. Mourdock with a golly-gee-wilikers enthusiasm straight out of the malt shop.

“Listen, I’ve gotten to know Richard [Mourdock] because we’re both state treasurers and — we’re treasures in states next door to each other,” Mandel told radio host Laura Ingraham Thursday. “He’s a gentleman. He’s a class act. He’s a thoughtful guy. He’ll make a great United States Senator.”

Calling a rape apologist a “gentleman” and a “class act” gets a ten on the sycophant meter, not to mention just plain disgusting.

One of the great joys of election night will be seeing Sherrod Brown give this little twerp the beat-down he so richly deserves.

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  1. Well, Josh went to Miami U. where he was a rich fraternity guy, and has a sense of entitlement. Josh has never been raped and pregnant as far as I know, so he does not speak to this issue with much credibility. He is running against Sherrod Brown, who is a champion of the middle class, and will have my vote. Furthermore, they must not teach Geography at Miami, since we are not next door to Missouri, you actually have to go all the way across Indiana and Illinois to get to Missouri from Ohio.

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