Monday, October 29, 2012

Federal Disaster Relief

For those of you about to face the brunt of Hurricane Sandy, I hope you come through it with as little loss as possible, and I hope you keep safe and dry.  Having been through my share of hurricanes — the last one seven years ago this week — I can only say that all of the warnings and preparations are really necessary, and you will be very glad to have the good folks at FEMA to help get things back to normal after the storm.

By the way, be glad that we have an administration in office that actually cares about getting federal disaster relief out to the states and the citizens.  It could be worse.


It’s interesting that after a hurricane or some other natural disaster, everyone is all in favor of as much federal aid that they can get, no matter what it costs.

Via JMG.

4 barks and woofs on “Federal Disaster Relief

  1. On this topic, it brings out my ugly side. I truly wish it were possible to deny righties any aid. Instead they can get a note in the mail explaining it takes ”big ” govt. to respond to disasters

    • They want “show us your papers” to solve the immigration problem, I think you’re right, we should have a “show us your ballot” for disaster aid.

      “Oh, I’m sorry sir, you voted for Romney, here’s a can of Spam and a hearty ‘best of luck’ for you.”

      “Thank you, Obama voter, here’s a FEMA trailer and a low-interest loan to rebuild your house.”

      The way things look lately, we could probably just do it on a state-by-state basis. Mississippi, you’re screwed. New York, we have your back.

  2. Remember Bush doing a flyover after Katrina and Brownie who did a heckuva job? Obama will do a much, much better job. You can be sure the Reichwing will find something to snarl about though.

    • For the GOTea it’ll be bad enough that Obama thought about campaigning during hurricane season: rushing back to DC to keep on top of the emergency won’t be near enough.

      A pResident McCain, though, would have been completely forgiven for taking a nap in Phoenix after the first nine holes – and sleeping through the whole thing.

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