Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am getting really tired of hearing about people like this.

The Catholic Church has been a leading force against marriage equality in all four state campaigns, and Archbishop John Nienstedt has been the fact of that opposition in Minnesota. He has repeatedly asked parishioners to vote and pray against marriage equality, arguing that such views “not prejudicial.” Now a letter has surfaced he wrote in 2010 “to a mother who pleaded for acceptance for her gay child,” in which he tells the woman she must reject her son according to Catholic teachings, or she might go to Hell as well.

I know that a number of people who read this blog are faithful members of the Catholic Church and have invested a great deal of their lives to it, and yet they also support the idea of marriage equality as a fundamental human right.  So my question to them is simple: how can you see this happening and not be angry and moved to change it?  I just don’t get it.

As you might expect, Chris Kluwe has some thoughts on the matter:

Millions of children grow up raised in the Catholic faith. Some of these children will be gay, through no choice of their own, but because of how God created them. What does it say to those children when the head of their religion in this state, a man who claims to “explain and defend the teaching of the Church because I have been ordained to do so and I believe those teachings with all my heart”, a man acting under the direct auspices of the Pope himself, tells them that they can’t be as worthy as everyone else, even though they believe in the teachings of Jesus? What will these children think, as they suffer the barbed insults of their classmates and teachers; I ask you, sir, what will these children think as they are belittled and tormented due to teachings you espouse? What judgment will be passed on your soul when yet another poor child reaches for the knife or the noose to end his or her earthly torment due to your example?

Do you presume to speak for God, Archbishop Nienstedt? Will you tell these children, faithful children who attend Sunday school and earnestly pray every day, that they are somehow lessened in God’s eyes? Will you grasp that millstone, Archbishop Nienstedt, grasp it all the way to the bottom, clutching at the heavy weight of earthly power and influence even as it drags you down?


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  1. Stop and think a moment: the Church of Rome and its acolytes aren’t the only ones warning against damnation. Most Southern Baptist preachers cry out every Sunday warning the flock it must turn away from the temptation to CHOOSE the path of sin. This is one of the problems Obama is having with the hold-outs in black culture. It’s going to take time and another generation to turn away from this misreading of scripture no matter where it shows its ugly head.

  2. @ Faithful Correspondent: What you say is quite true, but the Catholic Church has far greater influence than all those individual evangelical fundamentalist churches, and it is the biggest single enemy of gay rights in this country because it lends its moral authority to the anti-gay bigots. This is particularly ironic and hypocritical since the Roman church is full of closeted gay priests (a lot of whom are definitely not celibate). If all of the gay priests suddenly went on strike, half of the parishes in this country couldn’t celebrate mass on Sunday. Gay Catholics are like gay Republicans–aiding and abetting the forces that hate them.

  3. I was raised Catholic, and that means in some way I will always be one. I am of Irish descent, and my ancestors suffered for their religion. I disagree with so many in the leadership, on many issues, their stance of gays being one of them. In addition to that, the finest most Christian priest I ever knew, was a man I think was gay. Father Mike lived a life of love, but was funny, and smart, and kind, and a wonderful man. He is gone now, but I still miss him, my girls and I loved him, and still do. The Church is overdue for reform, but still on a grass roots level does so much for the poor and those who need help. It leaves me very conflicted.

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