Thursday, October 18, 2012

Poor Joe

Remember Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher from the last rodeo?  He’s the guy from Toledo that got his fifteen minutes as a campaign prop for John McCain in 2008.  Well, he’s running for Congress from Ohio against Marcy Kaptur (D), the longest-serving woman in Congress.  But the enthusiasm he generated from the Tea Party and the Palinistas four years ago has faded, and his campaign is running on fumes.

Reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission show Mr. Wurzelbacher (R., Springfield Township) raised $39,678 in the third quarter this year and $365,784 for the race so far. Miss Kaptur (D.,Toledo) raised $208,139 in the same quarter and a total of $968,159 in the 2012 election contest so far. As of Sept. 30, she had $245,269 in cash left in her campaign account.

[…]Mr. Wurzelbacher has reported total expenditures of $357,810 for the campaign, including three $5,000 monthly salary payments to himself, on July 2, July 31, and Sept. 4. His report also shows a debt of $7,013 to the Detroit law firm Clark Hill for “legal services.”

Maybe he can be a guest star on Sarah Palin’s next reality show: Tales from the Dork Side.

5 barks and woofs on “Poor Joe

  1. Wow! He “makes” $60,000 a year running for Congress. That sounds like a pretty good gig. Sounds like more trickle up economics to me.

  2. He was made to return a dress suit he’d bought with campaign funds. He didn’t have one and needed to look “professional” for the fans. It never dawned on me you could make a living running for congress. Maybe he’s found his niche. The other day he had a debate with Marcy who is one tough cookie. I wonder how that turned out. I missed it.

    • AND has it ever occurred to you that those who rant about the 47% dependent on government are precisely those who have had life-long careers in government? The congressman from our district has been dependent on government checks, either through his father’s 30 years in Congress or his own jobs in State government or in Congress, is one of those.

  3. $7,013.00 for legal fees? I guess we can assume that means he’s trying to hide his real birth certificate and selective service records, and keep his college transcripts sealed. Oh, wait…forget about the transcripts.

  4. $7,000 for a lawyer? That’s a cheap lawyer and probably money wasted.

    I gather “running” for office if fairly lucrative hence that Christine the witch woman, Newt Gingrich, and Joe The Not Really A Plumber.

    I’m a BIG fan of Marcy Kaptur. I wish we had dozens just like her!

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