Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You, Tigers

It was not to be.

The Tigers needed a miracle to get back into the World Series. They had to settle for a teeth-chattering nail-biter on their way out. It was at least better than going out with a whimper.

On Sunday night, Detroit matched its runs total from the first three games of the World Series and got more scoreless innings from its bullpen than in those first three games. It still wasn’t enough. Once Marco Scutaro punched a single off Phil Coke to drive in Ryan Theriot with two outs in the 10th inning, the Giants had what they needed to send the Tigers to a 4-3 loss in Game 4 to complete a World Series sweep.

It was a disappointment to many of the 42,152 who braved the rain and cold at Comerica Park hoping to see the Tigers last at least one more game. As Sergio Romo got a called third strike on Miguel Cabrera to end it, it was a stunner for a Tigers team that just a week ago was trying to hold onto the momentum of an American League Championship Series sweep of the Yankees while waiting to see whether the Cardinals could hold onto their National League Championship Series lead and meet them in the Fall Classic.

“They played better baseball when it counted — that’s what it’s about,” said ace Justin Verlander, who was hoping for a second chance at the Giants in Game 5 after taking the loss in the opener. “We were playing great baseball up until this point and just couldn’t really sustain it for these last four games. Not to say that we didn’t give a heck of an effort.”

It was a great season nonetheless, and even with the crushing disappointment, I’m still proud to have watched them from afar and cheer them on.

Oh, and if there’s one consolation, it’s in the superstition that when the American League wins during a presidential election year, the Republicans win the White House.  That happened the last two times the Tigers won the World Series; in 1968 and 1984.  I’d settle for the Tigers losing the Series if it keeps Barack Obama in office.