Friday, October 19, 2012

Tigers Sweep Yankees

The Detroit Tigers are going to the World Series.

DETROIT — As devastating was Max Scherzer’s changeup was on Thursday, it was nothing compared with the curveball that the Tigers threw the rest of baseball to get to the World Series.

“This team,” catcher Gerald Laird, “has been battle-tested.”

The same Tigers team that battled until the final week of the season to pull ahead for good in the American League Central never trailed in the AL Championship Series. The team seemingly built to slug its way to the top, only to struggle to find its offense, pitched its way there instead.

It wasn’t that the Tigers completed an ALCS upset of the Yankees with an 8-1 win in Game 4. Many believed they had the pitching to outlast the Bronx Bombers coming into the series. It’s the way they dominated the series that was the surprise.

They’re just the fourth team in Major League history to sweep a best-of-seven series without trailing. Not even Jose Valverde’s ninth-inning collapse in Game 1 put them down.

Wow.  Just wow.  Now we wait for either the Cardinals or the Giants.

HT to LGM for the photo.

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  1. For a view from New York don’t fail to read today’s Times’ Sport Section. Poor babies. They rage against the failure of the entire roster, the most expensive in baseball. Column after column cries in the wilderness about the lack of hitting of the Yankees $200 million dollar lineup. Not a word about the splendid pitching produced by the team that cleaned their clock. It will give you a giggle for the day.

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