Friday, October 12, 2012

Youngish Guns

Paul Ryan posed for Time magazine last year, showing off his buff guns.



Take it from someone who went to the gym nearly every day for twenty years; he may know a lot about budgets and taxes, but he needs to work on his lifting.  His posture clearly indicates he’s using a weight that’s too heavy for him.

Take that metaphor for what it’s worth.

6 barks and woofs on “Youngish Guns

  1. I liked Joe Scarborough’s rant yesterday about these pictures, that it looked like a promo from “Saved by the Bell”.

  2. He looks like he’s grimacing. Dangerous stuff for his back. But I guess any publicity is good publicity.

  3. He might simply be trying for a cheesecake pose to get all those hot, young, perky, republican womenses (like Coulter, O’Donnell, and Malkin) to start fantasizing about him in the White House.

    Or maybe he’s just a loser jerk.

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