Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Called It

Just for grins, I went back and checked the prediction that I made about the election on December 31, 2011.

– Barack Obama will narrowly win re-election against Mitt Romney. It will be a campaign of fear, loathing, excess, and outrage… and that’s just on the GOP side until the inevitable coronation of Mr. Romney. The amount of money to be spent on both sides will be enough to run several mid-sized countries. Re-election campaigns are, of course, a vote on the performance of the incumbent, and Mr. Obama will have to defend his record, but the Republicans have, by their own actions, inactions, and lurch to the right in response to their hatred of all things Obama, made the choice in the election pretty clear. The stated GOP agenda has been to deny Barack Obama a second term, but other than that, they have offered nothing of substance if they win the election. That’s not surprising; they never do. They live on bumper sticker slogans and ten-word answers — Repeal Obamacare; Ban Abortion; Deport the Brown People; No More Taxes; Kill the Queers — but they offer no solutions, unless you want to go back to revive the bold and new ideas from the administration of William McKinley. The campaign will resemble that of the one in 1948 where Harry Truman, coming back from dismal approval ratings, beat the patrician and automatonic Thomas E. Dewey. Mr. Truman ran against an intransigent and right-wing-whacky Republican Congress, and Mr. Obama has pretty much the same situation. It won’t be a landslide, but unless there’s a complete meltdown of the Obama campaign juggernaut, he’ll win and might even win back Congress for the Democrats. It will not be the end of the right-wingers by any means; if anything, the re-election of Barack Obama will drive them even further over the cliff, and we will find out that the level of lunacy is infinite.

Except for the one about Democrats taking back Congress, I nailed it.

Nate who?

5 barks and woofs on “I Called It

  1. Actually, Bobby said the Dems “might” take back the House, and they came close. So I give him full credit.

    I have a feeling the Repubs are not done going insane. Santorum 2016!

  2. Apply for a job with the Herald. Silver is no doubt too expensive.

    And BTW: read today’s Times piece on how the Religious Conservatives and their ilk like the Catholic Bishops are licking their wounds. America is more than ever un-churched and leaving the Southern Baptist Church and the Evangelical Conference in big numbers. What to do? What to do? (Forgive the schadenfreude).

  3. “… if anything, the re-election of Barack Obama will drive them even further over the cliff, and we will find out that the level of lunacy is infinite.”

    So far, this is what I’m hearing and seeing. I’ve watched Fox talkers work in a circle from “We lost but not really. Americans prefer our policies to Obama’s. We lost but not really.”

    For light relief, watch their eyes when David Frum talks about the GOP severing the relationship with the “entertainment” industry (I must believe he is talking about Limbaugh and Fox).

  4. Loved hearing a repug talking head on Warren Olny yesterday. She insisted that it wasn’t the right wing policies that are driving women and minorities away, it is the way they are being talked about. She insisted that “the majority of Americans agree with our stands on the issues”. Ummm, so that’s why they voted against them??

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