Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Vote Counted

Here’s a bit of interesting news via Miami New Times:

Barack Obama might have gay voters to thank for his reelection, especially right here in Florida. A new analysis suggests that if only straight people went to the polls here, Romney would have pulled off a win by something like two percentage points.

“Similarly, analysis of preliminary returns from Florida show that the 420,000 total LGBT votes cast in the state may be a deciding factor in President Obama’s projected lead in Florida,” reads a new analysis by the Williams Institue. “Though final results aren’t yet known, an estimated 300,000 LGBT Floridians voted for the president — a margin many times larger than the current vote difference between the two candidates.”

Nationally, 76 percent of self-identified LGBT voters voted for the President. Only 22 percent voted for Romney.

In Florida, Obama got 73 percent of the LGBT vote. 26 percent voted from Romney.

It’s a little more than ironic that while the LGBT community may not have all the rights we’re entitled to as citizens — marriage, inheritance, survivors benefits — we still have the one that matters on Election Day.  And we used it well.

4 barks and woofs on “Our Vote Counted

  1. Heck, yeah, I am sure that LGBT voters went for Obama, and I am sure they contributed to his victory. There are many groups that just were not buying what Romney was selling. Romney-Ryan represented the past, and Obama the future. Many of us wanted to go into the future and not stay return to the 1950s.

  2. On the issue of why a LGBT person would vote for Romney: because they’re rich. Or at least, that is my working theory. It certainly works for abortion. Your daughter’s pregnant? Send her to Paris for a couple of weeks! These laws only control the poor. Marriage equality is harder, but if you are rich you can live in a more enlightened country while your passive income is lightly taxed here in Medieval America, great!

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