Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Question of the Day

Stock up on the Cheetos and Pop-Tarts?

If marijuana was legalized, would you use it?

(This precludes the possibility that you’re already blazing a doobie now and then.)

Personally, I wouldn’t.  When I stopped drinking twenty years ago, I also decided against using chemical enhancements for recreational purposes.  But that’s me.

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  1. Most definitely not. I already had my fun with marijuana. If what happened really could be called fun. Alcohol is legal, and I don’t use that either. Just because it becomes legal does not change its chemical properties. It would still kick my ass and leave me destitute.

  2. I’ve never smoked pot at all. The first time I smelled it was in college when my roommate brought some guys over and they lit up. I was in bed having a horrendous migraine. Since nausea is a common component of migraines, I now equate the smell of pot with headaches, and feel queasy.

  3. Not if I had to make a choice between a toke and my beloved single malt. But since I never tried it even though my kids did (one even grew some lovely female plants in our attic under grow-lights) I might try JUST ONE. Think I’m old enough, Ice? Invite me over and we can light up, your treat.

  4. I wouldn’t smoke it, because grass irritates my COPD-wracked lungs. But I just might whip up some awesome brownies.

  5. I tried it once with Dianne and Cathy after a company picnic in the 70’s. I had to keep putting my foot on the floor,while in bed, to keep the room from spinning. I feel that I am dizzy enough and alcohol gets me there. Probably maybe once, but I sure like the grit of FC saying she would…what a gal!

  6. I was quite the pot “connoisseur” in my youth. But at some point I realized that a fog isn’t much fun in the long term. So it just faded from my life, a good 30 years ago. About a decade ago, at the urging of my brother-in-law, my wife and I got high with him. Aside from the flashbacks to my youth, it was not really a very positive experience. The next day we both looked at each other and said “meh?” And that was that.

    I’m even finding no where near the solace in the grape that I used to. At one point there were two, three, or more glasses of wine or scotch or something in most evenings. Now it’s a glass, very occasionally two, and it’s a day or three a week. By no means always, and the scotch bottles are dusty on the shelf. We used to regularly split a bottle of wine with dinner at a restaurant, now we have trouble finishing a split bottle…

    I don’t know if it’s age, wisdom, or weariness. I have dry siblings, each because of witnessing alcoholism up close or in the mirror. And I find it hard to watch others who seem so dependent. But for me, it’s nothing so clear as that, it’s just a fade away. Like marijuana was. Just don’t seem to need it, and don’t like the person it makes me.

    So even though we’re here in the center of the legal pot firestorm, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any lighting up around here.

  7. I will seriously consider it. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease in my spine, and am beginning to show signs of arthritis. I am allergic to all NSAID pain killers, and I don’t tolerate codeine based meds well — they make me sick and don’t kill the pain.

    I dont’ want to live on morphine in my old age. I see a lot of brownies made with spiked butter in my future.

  8. I tried it back in 1969 and 1970 but being suspicious that my French, Scots-Irish background made me sufficiently crazy I thought perhaps it wasn’t my best idea. I was in an intense medical job at the time and my compulsiveness kicked in and I was afraid that a fraction of a second hesitation for a reflex or fact would make me the STUPID one in the group. (No, not talking about smoking dope on the job – just worried there might be subtle traces of the fog lingering.) So, being as I was already convinced that I didn’t have any brain cells to spare, I dropped the “experiment” in short order.

    Actually, any blurring of “control” makes me very uneasy so drinking and/or smoking dope didn’t hit the spot with me. I didn’t, and don’t, mind if others partake. If given a choice, I’d rather be around someone who is stoned rather than someone who is drunk.

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